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Numerology numbers make up a powerful system that goes back thousands of years. There are basic principles in numerology, such as destiny numbers and life path numbers, that can be calculated to add dimension to a psychic reading. You may recognize these numbers, without yet actually knowing what they are. It’s possible that you notice them in your life a lot. It is also possible to calculate your life path number with numerology.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the belief in the relationship between numbers and the universe. Numerologists believe that an occult, divine or mystic relationship exists between a number and one or more coinciding events. They differ from psychic tarot card readings in that, while the tarot cards themselves present data, numerologists rely on numbers that have been somehow determined, based on a client or other variable.

How Do You Calculate Your Life Path in Numerology?

In numerology, your life path number is the equivalent of your sun sign in astrology. Accurate psychics use your life path number to help you to understand your past, present and future circumstances. Your life path number reveals your identity, including your strengths and weaknesses, talents and ambitions.

Calculating your life path number involves basic mathematics. Your starting point, as with life itself, is your singular date of birth. Consider how one with a birthdate of December 21, 1975, would perform the calculation:

  • December is the 12th month. !2 is broken down into 1+2 = 3
  • The day is 21. This is broken down into 2+1 = 3
  • 1975 is broken down into 1+9+7+5 = 22, which is then broken into 2+2 = 4
  • Add the three numbers: 3+3+4 = 10, which is then broken into 1+0 = 1
  • Thus, this person’s life number is 1.

If your life path number is 1, you are a goal-oriented person who is full of purpose. You bring determination and dedication to achieving goals and solving problems. Hard work and resolution are among your defining characteristics.

How a Psychic Can Help You With Your Life Path

Both mediums online as well as in person can help you to discover your life path. One of the biggest elements that a psychic reader brings to the table is that they are objective. While it helps with any reading to go in with a calm state of mind, this is often more difficult when it comes to thinking about the future, which is wrought with uncertainty. Your psychic will doubtless be empathetic, but also quite divorced from your unique perspective.

A good psychic is also probably more experienced with this sort of figuring than you are. Where you might have just come across these ideas, or dabble with them in your spare time, readers spend their time diving deep into the field, the better to glean information for you.

Numerology is something that can facilitate insights into your own personality, including the things that you are drawn to and are good at. The insights provided by your life path number can help with decisions about careers or relationships and can yield insights into the past that might not have existed before. Visit an online psychic or your local neighborhood medium today to learn more about how numerology can provide you with data that you never even knew existed.