Golf clubs are essential tools used by golfers to strike the ball during gameplay. The golf betting odds from 1xBet are great for wagering on the best golfers in the sport. A typical set of golf clubs consists of different types of clubs, each designed for specific shots and distances. There are five main types that will be described here, which include:

  • woods;
  • irons;
  • hybrids;
  • wedges;
  • and putters.

Woods were historically made of wood, but nowadays they are predominantly made of metal, such as titanium or steel. They have larger heads and are designed to hit the ball for long distances, typically off the tee. The most common woods are the driver (1-wood), used for tee shots, and fairway woods (3-wood, 5-wood), which are suitable for hitting the ball off the fairway or rough. The betting odds for golf at 1xBet can also be used to wager on how far a golfer is likely to strike a ball.

Clubs for finishing the hole

Irons are numbered from 1 to 9 and are characterized by their metal heads and shorter shafts compared to woods. They have a flatter clubface and are used for shots where precision and control are essential. Lower-numbered irons (1-4) have less loft and are used for longer shots. On the other hand, higher-numbered irons (5-9) have more loft and are suitable for shorter shots and approach shots onto the green. Visit to try great lotto games before the next golf competition starts.

Hybrids, also known as utility clubs, are a cross between woods and irons. They feature a clubhead design that combines the characteristics of both. Hybrids are easier to hit than long irons and are used for longer shots where accuracy and distance are required, particularly from the rough or fairway.

Wedges are designed for shots that require a high degree of loft and control, especially around the green and in bunker play. The most common wedges include pitching wedges (PW), gap wedges (GW), sand wedges (SW), and lob wedges (LW). Each wedge has a specific degree of loft and is used for different types of shots. At 1xBet you can also wager on those kinds of shots.

Finally, putters are used on the green to roll the ball into the hole. They have a flat clubface and a low loft, allowing for smooth and accurate strokes on the putting surface. Putters come in various designs, including blade putters, mallet putters, and belly putters. They cater to different preferences and putting techniques.