Owning pets is a big responsibility. Pets demand time and care but the tech world is making it easier for pet owners to take care of their pets. There are a number of gadgets that make your life easier. From feeding pets to keeping an eye on them remotely, there are solutions for all your pet problems. 

If you are thinking of owning a pet, this is your motivation. It can be overwhelming to think about getting a pet especially if you haven’t owned one before. But with these gadgets, the game has changed. 

We hope our recommendations help ease your responsibilities and add more fun to having your fluffy one around!

Furbo Dog Camera

Webcams for pets have been used for some time now. But the Furbo dog camera has an added feature, it’s also a treat dispenser. Some pets love to stay cozy in their hidden corners at home. Not seeing your pet for some time can surely make you anxious. This auto-treat dispenser roams around the house so you can track your pet and give them a treat. Furbo can take a 360 move, providing you with the view all around. This gadget can also send you security alerts so you can run home for help in case of an emergency.

However, in order to use the Furbo dog camera, you will be needing internet or WiFi on both devices for it to function properly. If your current provider fails to deliver a reliable connection, then we suggest looking for Cox Communications in your area. Its state-of-the-art technology makes it a piece of cake for you to use futuristic gadgets at home. 

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers 

Pets love to play with you. It’s their love language. Dogs for example love to play fetch ball. Sometimes throwing a ball every half minute can be tiring. This Ball throwing machine keeps your dog happy chasing balls around the lawn. Some models have a low-impact throw that is suited for indoor usage. It is a great gadget to keep your pet indulged while you can get on with your work without feeling guilty about leaving your pet lamenting in a corner.

Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder

If you’re someone who spends their time outside the home and is worried about feeding your pet on time, you need to invest in an automatic pet feeder. The Petlibro cat feeder for example offers up to 9 options of a variety of combinations of food that can be served four times a day on set intervals. All you need to do is set a time, meal, and the amount of food on the feeder’s screen. It also comes with a disposable bag to keep your home mess-free which can be changed every month. 

Pet Qwerks Babble Ball

This interactive ball produces sounds to keep your dog engaged and playful so your dog won’t demand attention all the time. The Pet Qwerks babble ball can produce up to 20 different sounds that keep your dog attentive and excited. It is made with thick plastic and can shut off on its own so the battery does not run out. It is also available in a number of sizes.

Automatic Multi-Laser Cat Toy

This battery-operated multi-laser toy is the perfect gadget to keep your cat busy throughout the day. Your curious cat will jump around home trying to catch the laser and keep itself busy. The premier pet has a set of lasers that keep rotating at random intervals so even if your cat captures it once, the laser will keep changing positions to get your cat’s attention. The laser shuts down after 15 minutes so your cat does not tire itself. This toy is a great way to keep your pet active and healthy. 

Dreametech L10 Pro Vacuum Cleaner 

Having pets can leave your home messy. If you’re tired of pet hair all over the place, you need this dual-line pet hair cleaner with 3D technology that detects objects and learns the whereabouts of your home. You can also access this cleaner through an app on your phone. This all-in-one vacuum cleaner will clean all sorts of dirt at its own pace. The battery lasts up to 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning.

Whistle Health and GPS

This is your AI-powered dog tracker with a GPS system to keep track of your dog during long walks or otherwise. There are two batteries with the collar to keep your pet under watch all day. The collar also detects your dog’s activity and provides live updates on your app such as walking, drinking, playing, licking, and scratching as well as health updates. 

Pet owners are generally concerned about the well-being of their pets. Keeping your pet happy and playful can however be a bit taxing after a long day which results in guilt. These gadgets make sure that all your pet’s needs are fulfilled so you can enjoy having a pet without having the added stress of their comfort. Whether you’re a stay-at-home pet owner or someone who spends a chunk of your day outside, invest in one of the gadgets and stop worrying about not being able to provide for your fluff child at all!