The State Bank of India is one of India’s most trusted and renowned public sector banks. Every year, SBI comes up with numerous openings for Clerical cadre, Probationary Officer (PO), Specialist Officer (SO) and more. SBI examinations are one of the most sought-after examinations. Lakhs appear for the examinations across the country, but only a few thousand are selected. The examination is not a cakewalk.

If you plan to appear for the SBI PO exam 2023, you must kick-start your preparation right now! Solving the SBI PO previous year paper is a way to become familiar with an exam structure. Practising previous year papers can significantly benefit you as it will allow you to comprehend the pattern of the examination better. Students can better understand the exam format using the previous year’s questions, which boosts their confidence in a subject. 

Furthermore, here are the four undeniable reasons why solving SBI PO’s previous year’s papers is a must for cracking the SBI PO exam. Continue reading!

Give a preview of the real exam.

Despite the category of exam one is taking, be it SBI PO preliminary or mains, it is always advisable for the aspirants to solve previous question papers to receive a taste of the problems they might encounter during the exam. Solving last year’s question papers-

  • It offers a sneak preview of the procedure for setting the question paper.
  • It helps in comprehending how the questions are structured.
  • It helps students understand the marking scheme of the examination.

All these things are crucial for an SBI PO aspirant as they help them create a surefire plan for cracking the exam and scoring good marks.

It helps develop time management skills.

Almost all competitive exams are time-bound; the SBI PO examination is no exception. These tests are meant to test not only your competency but also your time management skills. The best way to develop this skill is by practising more and more test papers from previous years. Additionally, previous year’s test questions aid in understanding which questions or sections to tackle first and which to save for last. Of course, your aptitude and orientation will ultimately determine which approach works best for you; but practising several papers will help you recognise it. 

It increases candidates’ confidence.

By practising the previous year’s examinations, candidates can practise questions that could appear in the exam hall. The students feel more confident as a result of this. They believe they will also do well on the final exam because they have provided answers. For the students, this is crucial since it motivates them in the stressful environment of the SBI PO exam. Undoubtedly, students confident in their abilities consistently outperform other candidates in any exam, whether SBI PO or India’s toughest UPSC Civil Service Examination.

It helps create an efficient study plan.

Planning is essential in all aspects of life. With careful planning, aspirants can implement their knowledge and skills perfectly and ensure success. Solving the SBI PO previous year paper helps candidates prepare for their actual exams as these papers contain the same type of questions of a similar nature, time constraints, and duplicate patterns. This preparation is crucial since it puts them in a better mental state for the test. They feel more capable of producing the correct responses as a result.

Moreover, this helps students understand their strong and weak points/ topics/ subjects. They get to know the topics they need to work on and the topics they are good at. This helps aspirants create an efficient study plan that paves the way for success. 


Remember, practice makes a man perfect. You should thoroughly discuss all the topics to prepare well for the SBI PO exam. Practising previous year’s papers will help evaluate your performance and see where you could improve your preparation. So while preparing for the exam, practise more and more previous year’s papers and mock tests.