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Waiting for the Planets To Align: A 2023 Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

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Scorpio is the most mysterious Sun sign in the zodiac. Its symbol is the scorpion, but there’s much more to this sign than a sting. If you were born between October 23 and November 21, reading a Scorpio love horoscope can provide guidance on how to make your passionate nature shine. In 2023, bide your time early in the year and steal the spotlight when your birthday season arrives.

Mars in Retrograde To Start the Year

Mars, your ruling planet, will be in retrograde from January all the way until March. Mars is the warrior planet, known for determination and aggressive energy. For any other sign, three months of Mars in retrograde would be a massive burden. Luckily, you’re a Scorpio who knows all about the benefits of standing still.

That’s because Scorpio is naturally a reclusive and reflective sign. Plus, Mars’ retrograde places it right in your third house, which governs self-examination and rebirth. It’s a perfect combination for looking inward and transforming into a truer, braver form of yourself early in the year. Instead of a scorpion under a rock, think of yourself as a butterfly in its cocoon for the early months of 2023. Good things come to those who wait.

A Rollercoaster of a Year

Venus moves into Pisces at the end of January, setting the stage for deep connection. Pisces is a fellow water sign and one of your strongest zodiac Sun Sign matches.

In June, the sun enters Cancer, the third water sign. The sun’s influence is more cerebral than Venus’s, so you may be looking for an intellectual match rather than a romantic one. Either way, the middle of the year will be your time to make connections.

Jupiter, the planet of worldly success, is cruising through many other signs’ domains this year. You may get some residual energy to boost your finances. However, later in the year, it goes into retrograde. Watch out carefully for opportunities that may seem great on the surface only to prove disappointing.

Scorpio season kicks off in October for a boost to your spirits. You’ll narrowly miss out on the eclipse, as it’s a few weeks earlier in Libra. Psychic readings for Scorpio can help you make sense of the eclipse shake-ups right in time for your birthday season.

Saturn Resides in Your Fourth House

Saturn, the planet of obligations and rules, will set up shop in your fourth house of family for much of 2023. This is a great opportunity to strengthen family ties. As a Scorpio, huge family gatherings and dutiful weekly phone calls don’t always fit with your independent nature. Saturn’s grounding presence will make it easier to strengthen family bonds.

Successes for Your Fellow Signs

You may feel a little left out as key planets sweep through other signs and eclipses pass you by this year. Love & relationship psychic readings live can help you see past the stinger of envy. Use your sign’s intuition to look deeper than the surface. Your friends’ successes can spill over into your life if you celebrate with them.

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