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Top Crypto Scams and Hacks


Crypto has become the most popular trend in recent years. You can get any coins easily and fast at instant exchange platforms. provides numerous cryptos to swap, buy, or sell, as well as BTC to ETH calculator to help you calculate your cryptocurrency gains and losses.

The grim reality is that cryptocurrency has the potential to be both fascinating and lucrative, as well as very risky. Unfortunately, cybercriminals still rely on tried-and-true techniques despite the novelty of cryptocurrencies. In this article, you’ll learn some of the top crypto scams and hacks you should beware of as an investor.

How Do Crypto Scams Work?

Crypto scams are similar to other financial frauds, except that the fraudsters seek your crypto assets rather than your money. Crypto fraudsters use many of the same strategies used in conventional financial crimes. It includes pump-and-dump schemes that mislead investors into purchasing an asset with false promises about its worth or blatant efforts to steal digital assets.

Fake Airdrops

Malefactors either create a YouTube advertising campaign or publish their ads on Twitter to carry out this fraud. Then, they proclaim that a famous person is airdropping cryptocurrencies. 

To collect “bonuses,” you should pay an initial investment or share sensitive information. Both parties will, needless to add, have their funds wholly wiped out. Thus, never transfer money to “airdrop organizers” or provide your private keys or seed phrases.

Handmade MEV Bots

The maximum extractable value (MEV) is the maximum reward Ethereum (ETH) network members may get for their contributions to the block validation process. Using cutting-edge methods enables us to maximize our MEV’s potential for success. 

Scammers provide video or written instructions on creating your own “MEV bots” to get access to the wallets and drain all of your assets. So, avoiding “instant” MEV bots from YouTube instruction videos is better.

Hackers Rush in to Save the Day

Many cryptocurrency fans continuously check to see whether their favorite blockchains are down. Scammers make false claims about a project being hacked and establish bogus “compensation” schemes. Everyone who wants compensation is prompted to transmit their seed words to fraudsters. That’s why you should only follow the news regarding hacking on blockchains’ official media channels.

How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

Due to the increased risks associated with digital assets, you should be extremely cautious. Thus, it’s essential to follow these guidelines to prevent falling for cryptocurrency scams:

It might be difficult to recover funds lost to crypto scammers. Since blockchain transactions can’t be reversed, the chances of getting your money back are minimal. To avoid falling victim again, your best bet is to be careful with your prospective assets. One of the ways to do this is to use a reputable exchange platform like It offers you many trading opportunities, including the Cardano price prediction feature.


All in all, crypto is always about risk. Scammers will inevitably continue to target the cryptocurrency industry as it evolves. However, you can minimize it. With the proper knowledge, you should be able to recognize a crypto-related fraud in its early stages. Thus, you’ll protect yourself from falling victim to any scam. 


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