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Title IX Violations in California: What are the Consequences for the Accused?

Those who are accused of sexual misconduct as a violation of Title IX may feel overwhelmed. Title IX proceedings are confusing and their consequences can seriously alter the life of the defendant. Should a defendant be found guilty of violating Title IX, the school may impose some administrative penalties that put a burden on the defendant’s future. This is the reason a Title IX defendant needs the services of an education lawyer in California who can inform them about their rights and legal options. Read on to know more about the consequences of Title IX violations:

Administrative Penalties

A violation of Title IX can result in some administrative penalties such as disciplinary probation, academic suspension, on-campus residential restrictions, expulsion, apology requirements, counseling, and loss of academic degree. For instance, if a defendant is found guilty of sexual misconduct on campus, the school may withhold their degree. This decision can have serious negative effects on the life of the defendant moving forward. Depending on their desired employment following graduation, their employer may revoke the job offer based on the Title IX violation.

Indirect Consequences

 Often, a confirmed Title IX violation can have far-reaching impacts on the life of the defendant. A Title IX violation can result in employment loss, scholarship cancellation, financial damages, loss of tenure, and social impacts. If the defendant is found guilty, they could lot a lot of their friends and may decide to isolate themselves from their support system. In addition, losing scholarships can leave the defendant without the financial resources they need to continue their schooling. 

Criminal Consequences

Those accused of committing sexual misconduct on campus may face criminal prosecution and incur penalties because of civil litigation. Community service, prison time, and punitive fines are possible criminal consequences that the defendant may when found guilty in court. 

Title IX proceedings can cause fear, frustration, and anxiety for the defendant. The possible consequences can undermine their future. Because of this, those accused of violating Title IX must hire an attorney at an early stage. An experienced lawyer can help them navigate through the process effectively, ensuring they do not make unnecessary disclosures that ruin their position in the case. 

The right time to speak with an attorney about a Title IX investigation is when the accused gets notice and before they speak with a school official or investigator. The attorney can advise the defendant about the severity of the accusation and how it can affect their future.

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