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Soil Test Kit: How To Check The Quality And Condition Of Your Lawn

Before you check the quality and condition of your lawn, research your grass type to determine the nutrients it may need. Just like when you go to the doctor, bloodwork is drawn so that your doctor can best identify how to help you by identifying what minerals or nutrients you lack. Testing for soil health is no different. Nutrient deficiencies in soil can cause issues like yellow turf, minimal growth, and the inability to thrive in its environment. 

You may even realize that some soil types have an ideal pH to allow them to flourish in alkaline or acidic environments. There is no universal pH that your soil should stay at, as different locations require different pH balances. Depending on where you live, opt for a neutral pH of six to seven. 

If the reading is below or above 6-7, it’s time for a pH soil adjustment to keep the pH balanced. For soil to thrive, three primary nutrients are needed in copious amounts for your lawn to stay in shape; in lesser amounts, soil also needs micronutrients to thrive. Following your soil test kit, if you find certain micronutrients are lacking, look for products to supplement these deficiencies. Continue reading for more on how to check the quality and condition of your lawn. 

You need the right macronutrients to achieve optimal soil health.

Regarding macronutrients, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are the main nutrients healthy grass needs. Nitrogen is responsible for giving grass its green color due to the chlorophyll component it contains. If you’ve noticed that your grass has turned yellow, this is likely an indication that it’s low in nitrogen. Phosphorus strengthens the root system, and potassium ensures healthy grass continues to grow.

Order a soil test kit.

To adequately check the quality and condition of your lawn, order a soil test kit after identifying the nutrients it needs. Research pH levels to determine if your lawn is meant to thrive in highly acidic or alkaline soil. Another thing to keep in mind is ways to boost the health of your lawn, such as by increasing its pH levels with products containing calcium carbonate.

The process is simple.

You can treat your soil yourself by using a soil test kit. Send your sample in the mail and receive the results in one week. To determine which kit to buy, choose from options that contain everything you need to do your soil test. With whichever kit you choose, stick to this soil test kit for continual testing to stay accurately updated on how your lawn progresses. 

Reap the rewards of healthy soil.

Perfecting the soil health of your lawn is possible by prioritizing pH levels, optimizing conditions in the lawn environment, and having patience throughout the process. It takes time for soil and lawns to reflect the care and upkeep you’ve put into it. Give it enough time, and you will reap the rewards of all your hard work when you get the results of your soil test kit.  

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