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How to Make a Reel to Grow Your Instagram

Are you interested in extending your reach and boosting engagement to a bigger audience on Instagram? Then reels are a perfect solution for you in 2023 to build your community and interact with your audience more regularly on Instagram. Not anyone can make and add a reel professionally on the first go. 

It requires precious time, effort, and some professional skills you can ace after a few trials. And don’t worry. We are here to guide you in this article on making a perfect reel by giving some major tips and tricks that will help your account grow massively on Instagram.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make an Instagram Reel

Now, let’s discuss a complete guide on how to make a perfect reel on Instagram that will help your account to grow. We have divided this into four steps to make a popular reel on Instagram in 2023.

Step-1: Storyboard Concept

Many people make a mistake in making a reel by not planning and directly shooting it. Doing so will end up with a basic reel with zero concepts. So, to avoid this mistake, all you have to do is perform some research beforehand. 

For instance, first, search on the related topics related to your business accounts, such as whether you’re making a reel on cooking recipes, fitness, fashion, or meditation tips.

Second, understand how you will correlate your reels with your other Instagram feed posts and stories. This is mandatory because no one likes irregular and unsymmetrical posting. 

Lastly, the most crucial step is to find out your target audience and what kind of content they like to watch. For instance, you can check whether your followers engage more on tutorials, BTS, or a professionally edited reel.

After performing the above research, we advise you to keep trying new filters and texts according to the trends to add more aesthetics to your reel. You can also save other content creators’ reels to get more inspiration. Once you are solid on your topic, then storyboard your content idea and break it down in the form of clips that you need to shoot.

Step-2: Shoot a Reel

Here comes the most interesting part, shooting an Instagram reel. You can do this in three different ways:

  1. “By clicking on a reels tab.”
  2. “Through your Instagram home screen.”
  3. “With the help of your Instagram stories camera.”

Here, you can pick the audio of your choice, click and pause the reel to shoot specific shots, add multiple effects, and trim the shot to your perfect point.

Step-3 Preview

Once you’re satisfied with all the recorded shots, click next and preview. To make your reel look more appealing to your audience, don’t forget to gain maximum advantage from Instagram AR effects. This can also make your reel go popular on the Explore page.

Step-4 Share Нour Instagram Reel

After making a perfect reel, it’s time to show your effort and talent to the world and add this reel to your story. You must choose an attractive cover picture related to your reel and a perfect eye-catching caption. To add a reel, click the add to story button below, and it will be shared on your story. 

Final Thoughts

Once you understand how to make a perfect reel, it’s time to make it stand out in the crowd. And for doing so, you have to follow these simple tips.

And that’s it. By simply using some creativity, a handful of research, and effort, you can create a popular reel that will help you grow on Instagram.

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