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How a Lawyer Can Help You Navigate H2B Visa Programs

Some businesses are highly seasonal, with some months particularly slow and others extremely busy. As an employer, you may need to hire more workers, but none are available locally. In this case, you can look beyond the borders, where there’s always an influx of people searching for employment opportunities.

If you do decide to outsource, then you can apply for what’s known as the H2B work visa. This nonimmigrant visa allows foreigners to work in seasonal or one-time non-agricultural jobs in the US temporarily. 

Popular sectors that get workers on H2B visa programs are entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, construction, and many more.

What’s So Special About the H2B Visa?

This visa program is preferred because:

Why Do You Need a H2B Visa Attorney?

While the H2B visa is a wonderful option for temporarily bringing much-needed talent to your enterprise, applying for one is best done through a qualified and experienced lawyer. A lawyer can help you:

Prepare and File the Necessary Documentation

As with all worker immigration, a lot of paperwork is involved in applying for the H2B visa program. Unfortunately, the H2B worker visa application typically spans two to five months. So, as an employer, you want to have all the necessary forms filled and supporting documents attached in advance to avoid rushing at the last minute. Using a lawyer ensures you’re adequately prepared and on time to facilitate a quicker processing timeline.

Avoid Small, But Costly Mistakes

There’s a limit to the number of H2B visas granted yearly, as Congress dictates. Presently, this limit stands at 66,000 visas, with half reserved for the first half of the fiscal year and the other half for the second half of the fiscal year. And the applicants are many, which means not everyone gets a visa. Having a lawyer can increase your chances of getting a visa as you avoid mistakes that often lead to denial.

Navigate the Relevant Regulations

There are laws and regulations you must adhere to when applying for any type of visa, including the H2B. So, you want to work with an attorney from the get-go to ensure you comply with the relevant requirements throughout the process.

Get a Good Attorney to Help You with the H2B Visa Program

While the H2B visa was created to help American employers navigate temporary labor shortages locally, obtaining the visa is often complicated. You’ve got to keep up with all the tedious paperwork, pay the charges on time, and file everything before the deadline. So, having a lawyer to guide you through the process can get the stress off your shoulders.

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