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FoxData: A Comprehensive Mobile App Analysis and Marketing Solution


FoxData is a mobile app analysis and marketing solution that provides a no-cost data analysis tool designed to support informed decision-making. Our suite of services encompasses Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Game Publishing, Design & Creatives, and ASO Services, all tailored to meet your business needs.

Why do customers choose our services?

Mobile Data Analysis:

Our analysis tool caters to app developers, operators, and marketers by providing reliable data support and high-quality intelligence about the Google Play & iOS app market. It includes Market Intelligence, AD Intelligence, and ASO Intelligence.

● Apple Search Ads:

Streamline the management of Apple Search Ads campaigns with our integrated solution, which includes Ads Manager, Automation Rules, Keywords Planner, Smart Campaigns, Attribution Partner integration, and Bulk Operations.

● Digital Marketing:

Our expertise in conceiving, executing, and assessing digital marketing campaigns covers various channels, enabling you to promote your websites or apps. This includes Paid Search Ads, Paid Social Ads, and Video Ads.

● Content Marketing:

Our Content Marketing tool generates and disseminates relevant content, elevating brand awareness and driving leads and sales. This service encompasses Content Writing, Social Marketing, and SEO services to enhance your search engine results.

● Design & Creatives:

We are dedicated to swiftly bringing your creative visions to life. Our services include innovative web design tailored to your website’s unique persona and captivating visuals for mobile searches, social media, and other channels.

● Game Publishing:

Elevate your game’s online presence and execute effective product promotion strategies with our comprehensive support and ongoing feedback.

FoxData is a comprehensive solution for all your digital marketing requirements. We aim to make your digital marketing journey seamless and successful. Learn more from our ASO Case Studies.


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