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5 Rare Antique Gold Coins You Should Add to Your Collection

Are you a collector of rare and valuable gold coins? If so, you’ll want to take note of these five antique gold coins that are sure to impress even the most seasoned collectors. 

Each of these coins has a unique history and rarity that make them highly sought after by collectors around the world. From the elusive 1795 capped bust right eagle to the stunning 1933 Saint-gaudens double eagle, these coins are not only beautiful but also have a fascinating story to tell. 

So, if you’re a serious collector who appreciates the beauty of these rare coins, adding one (or all!) of these to your collection is sure to be a wise investment. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top five rare antique gold coins you should add to your collection.

1. 1787 Brasher Doubloon 

As the first gold piece struck in the United States, the 1787 Brasher Doubloon holds a special place in American numismatic history. This unique coin was designed by goldsmith and silversmith Ephraim Brasher and carried the maker’s initials “EB” on the eagle’s breast. 

This coin is a true American gem, weighing 26.66 grams and with a face value of $15. Collectors prize Brasher Doubloons since there are just a few of them left.

2. 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle 

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle from 1933 is buried in mystery and folklore. Due to the Gold Reserve Act of 1933, these $20 gold coins were never brought into circulation. 

However, a few escaped demolition and were auctioned off at exorbitant rates. A 1933 Double Eagle sold for a record-breaking $7.6 million in 2002. The stunning design of this uncommon coin, which features Lady Liberty marching ahead on the front and a majestic eagle in flight on the reverse, adds to its attractiveness.

3. 1849 Liberty Head Double Eagle 

As the first $20 gold coin struck by the United States, the 1849 Liberty Head Double Eagle is historically significant. James B. Longacre designed it and depicts Lady Liberty on the front and a heraldic eagle on the reverse. This coin contains nearly an ounce of pure gold and has a diameter of 34 mm and a weight of 33.4 grams. Collectors prize the 1849 Liberty Head Double Eagle due to its limited mintage and historical significance.

4. 1795 Capped Bust Right Eagle 

The 1795 Capped Bust Right Eagle is one of the first gold coins in the United States. This coin, which was struck in the early days of the United States Mint, has a remarkable design with a capped bust of Liberty facing right on the obverse and a majestic eagle with expanded wings on the reverse. 

These coins are rare and highly sought by collectors due to limited manufacturing and the difficulties encountered during the Mint’s early years. The 1795 Capped Bust Right Eagle is an enthralling item of Americana.

5. 1796 Draped Bust Quarter Eagle 

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter Eagle is a scarce and valuable gold piece. The face of this coin, designed by Robert Scot, depicts Lady Liberty with flowing hair and a draped bust, while the reverse depicts an eagle sitting on a branch. 

With a diameter of 20 mm and a weight of 4.37 grams, this little coin is rich in historical and numismatic significance. Because only a few hundred coins were produced, they are valuable to any coin collection.

In Conclusion

Rare antique gold coins are a physical link to history for collectors, combining intrinsic worth with compelling stories. The five coins stated above are among the most extraordinary items in the field of numismatics. Acquiring these coins not only increases the value of a collection but also provides a deeper appreciation of the rich background linked with each item. 

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